Delta Capital a.s. investments, which are in line with the development of activities, remain in the company's property portfolio The intention is to create mutual synergy in the business activities of companies and to ensure mutual support of business projects. The companies are connected by the equity participation of the investment company Delta Capital, personnel and strategic direction to the market with secure information and valuables.


In keeping with its investment principles, Delta Capital seeks to add to its ever-expanding portfolio. We aim to work closely with new and existing partners to ensure dynamic business growth. All of the companies Delta Capital invests in receive flexible private equity and access to experienced personnel. Currently, our strategic focus is on the security information market and distribution of related goods:


Valuable and graphic paper SPM is the main and oldest paper manufacturer of valuable and special types of paper and cartons in the Czech and Slovak Republics.


Production of license plate tables - license plates SPM is a manufacturer of license plate tables for the Czech Republic.


Auris a specialized company in the field of Automation of the Production Control System, Auris also focuses on the development of SW applications. IT implements automation, measurement and control systems into manufacturing enterprises, provides IT services and processes digital data.


SPM Systems is a project-oriented company specializing in high-security solutions, products and services that include vehicle and driver registration systems, document protection, security press documents and related hardware.