Investment Strategy

Delta Capital is actively involved in start-up financing and providing support for new businesses. We identify attractive market opportunities through seed funding and venture capital channels, working closely with each startup to put together an appropriate business strategy. The overarching aim is always to maximise company value and appeal with a workable plan. We constantly seek out opportunities with high growth potential at the initial and advanced stages of the start-up cycle. Delta Capital draws from an impressive portfolio of companies operating under various legal forms to assist in our investment development strategy. Increasing productivity is often dependent on restructuring organisation of management and implementing fresh business plans. Delta Capital remains committed as ever to expanding its existing portfolio of assets by investing in new start-ups offering dynamic market potential.

Investment History

Projects in Development

Delta Capital’s portfolio comprises companies undergoing restructuring and those in the start-up stage

START IT UP! Endowment Fund
CRN: N03431801
Delta Medical Holdings, Ltd.
CRN: 3636771
Delta Capital Consulting, Ltd.
CRN: 29135729
Security Ident Group, plc
CRN: 03294501
Delta Ventures, Ltd.
CRN: 27644553

Michael Broda

Founder and Owner of Delta Capital

“I’ve always held the view that any company starting out in business needs to focus on two basic principles: First, understand what makes their product unique. Second, make it as attractive as possible to consumers on the global market. At Delta Capital, we believe it’s better to do a few things well than a lot of things wrong. Our impressive investment track record is testament to that. Great ideas will always sell well.”