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Official license plate supplier to the Ministry of Transport (CZ)

In 2016, SPM secured a national tender organised by the Ministry of Transport to be the official supplier of vehicle license plates in the Czech Republic. The contract, worth CZK 462 million, concludes at the end of 2027. SPM’s winning submission met all the requirements of the contracting authority, including provision for a security hologram feature.

In realising SPM’s strategic plan toward securing the nationwide tender, a specialist metal workshop was created for the sole purpose of license plate production. The mill is one of only a few paper manufacturers to produce dandy roll, a special metal cylinder used to transfer watermarks onto paper.

A critical element in the production process was to design a unique hologram security feature that would be easily adaptable. Holograms are used to prevent against counterfeiting and are found on passports, government bonds, deposit certificates, vouchers and many other security documents.

Security holograms have become one of the most commercially successful products in the SPM portfolio.

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