• automated security production
  • EnerSam – energy management

Auris is a Czech-based industry automation leader in measurement and regulation quality control systems and software technology.

Auris specialise in industry automation, providing measurement and regulation quality control systems for manufacturing enterprises as well as IT and digital data services. Established in 1992, Auris provides services for the paper industry and businesses in the North Bohemia region of the Czech Republic. In 2015 Delta Capital took a 50% share of the company, paving the way for a new management set-up and approach to business. Management committed to developing a new platform based on certified programmes to support the technological efficiency of industrial companies. This led to the rollout of EnerSam, a new energy consumption management solution for automation and measurement systems.

The project has been piloted with various industrial enterprises and businesses to great success. In 2017, Delta Capital transferred its entire business share, leading to a change in company management. As part of the new deal, Auris provides integrated services for companies in which Delta Capital has a stake. Intensive efforts are currently underway to upgrade to the new and improved EnerSam II measurement system.

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