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International manufacturer of specialty, security & graphic paper

SPM is the market leader in specialty and security paper production in the Czech Republic and Slovakia. Originally trading as Neograph, the company was founded in 1997 by Czech shareholders, building on a fifty-year tradition of specialty paper production.

In 2018, SPM established a joint venture with Ciotola, an Italian-based integrated sales, marketing and manufacturing organisation trading in security and specialty paper.  

SPM manufactures a wide range of security, specialty and graphic paper. The SPM factory and premises are based in Štětí in North Bohemia, a region that enjoys a rich history of paper production. Delta Capital decided to partner with SPM in the winter of 2014 when business was on the downward slope. With the brand damaged by disputes between shareholders and its market share in the Czech Republic almost wiped out, Delta Capital’s intervention came at a crucial time. By streamlining protracted property relationships and purchasing market shares, Delta Capital managed to streamline the management structure and invest in new production technologies. This largely consisted of stabilising work teams (which increased global customer satisfaction to 95%) and massively investing in the development of new types of paper.

Since implementing these actions, Delta Capital has helped SPM emerge as one of the most innovative specialty paper manufacturers worldwide. Thanks to further investments by Delta Capital, SPM now boasts an internationally accredited testing laboratory and has recently partnered with the Institute of Chemical Processes at the Czech Academy of Sciences, one of the leading scientific research departments in the Czech Republic.

Delta Capital & Ciotola, Ltd. | A Joint Venture

In 2018, SPM established a joint venture with Italian-based Ciotola, an international sales and marketing organisation specialising in paper and packaging material. Ciotola supplies paper for banknotes, stamps, cheques, passports and other security documents as well as premium graphic paper to specialist printing companies. The company was founded by Alfonso Ciotola in 2001 and has since expanded to acquire bases in Padua, Casablanca and Dubai.

An industry professional with over 40 years’ experience in paper production management and sales, Ciotola has been pivotal in establishing SPM as a brand of excellence in the paper production industry.

SPM manufactures and supplies premium security and specialty paper. All sales and acquisitions are carried out by the Italian-based sales and marketing organisation Ciotola, SPM’s joint partner.

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