Delta Capital is a Czech-based company owned by the Swiss investment firm SoCom Sanity AG (Blauenstrasse 57, 4054, Basel, Switzerland; ID: CH- Originally founded in 2005 under the name BB Finance Group, Delta Capital has grown to become a market leader in financial advisory and subsidy management.

Over the years we’ve worked to expand the services we offer – from start-up capital through financial consultancy to comprehensive management. Delta Capital is founded on the following four pillars of business:

  • Promoting Strategic
    Capital Management
  • Fostering Creativity
    in Business
  • Innovating
    New Models
  • Creating Unique
    Value for Consumers

Michael Broda

Dear Partners, Colleagues and Friends,

Back in 2005, I founded a company built on the philosophy of “doing things differently”. If there’s one thing my experience in corporate business has taught me it’s that large enterprises with hierarchical structures can always be changed for the better.

During my years leading Delta Capital, I’ve also committed myself to helping new start-ups realise their full potential. We’ve won over initially cautious investors from China and Europe and established profitable companies in both Central and Western Europe.

We’ve made concerted efforts to change attitudes and business mindsets in the Czech Republic, a market I believe to be as dynamic as any in the world. But in addition to our ever-growing portfolio in the Czech Republic, Delta Capital continues to seek out exciting investment opportunities on the international stage. Most recently we’ve begun to explore the huge potential of the e-sports sector and its global virtual trading systems.

I’m proud to have assembled a seasoned international team who hold the shared aim of helping businesses thrive. To achieve the phenomenal year-on-year growth Delta Capital has enjoyed, we’ve had to remain keenly attuned to the ever-changing forces of the markets and consumer demand. As such, we’re always open to restructuring how we do business in close consultation with our partners. We aim to develop new and innovative business models. But, most importantly, to invest in exciting ventures that offer real market growth potential.