In 2014, Delta Capital purchased part of the former Třebíč Hospital to create a specialist centre for the provision of health and social services.

Acquired in 2014 | Sold to INVEST GATE Funds SICAV (pre-construction phase II)

Delta Capital helped ensure funding for the construction of an Alzheimer’s centre in Třebíč. The building opened at the end of 2019 after being renovated and adapted for the needs of patients suffering from degenerative diseases of the nervous system. All patients at the centre are provided with services in inpatient and outpatient care. The centre itself is integrated within the regional system of social and health facilities specialising in the care of patients affected by Alzheimer’s disease. During the construction period, an investment fund purchased the estate of the Delta Senior Centre in Třebíč, assuming a 100% ownership interest.

Delta Capital supported expansion of the centre’s existing medical services and infrastructure with the creation of the health-care provider Delta Medical Holdings.