Delta Investment Company specialises in the establishment, management and administration of qualified investor funds (in compliance with Act No. 240/2013 Coll. on investment companies and investment funds). It offers a comprehensive suite of services including accounting, tax consultancy, internal audits and compliance, fund asset valuation, and communication with supervisory authorities. Acquired in 2014, the company was sold to an investment fund made up of qualified investors in 2019. Subject of sale: NETAX Invest (registered office: Plotní 688/75, Komárov, 602 00 Brno, CRNO 015 92 041); sole shareholder: Delta Investment Company.

FKI’s fund capital must reach at least EUR 1,250,000 within 12 months of its establishment. FKI’s fund capital, which, according to its statute, invests more than 90% of the value of assets in securities or book-in securities, representing a share in a company or other legal person, participation in companies or other legal persons or intellectual property rights, must reach at least EUR 1,000 thousand within the time limit specified in the statute and social contract.

DELTA Investment Company, in accordance with the decision of the Czech National Bank (No. 2014/016410/CNB/570, Sp/2013/526/571, of 11th July 2014), which came into force on 16th July 2014, has the right to manage and administer qualified investor funds.

The administration of the Fund included activities referred to in § 38 of the Act, e.g. reporting for the CNB and CSO, communication with the CNB and drafting of reports according to legislation, keeping accounts for financial institutions on the basis of the delivered business accounts, fulfilling the tax obligations of the Fund, keeping a register of assets/assets and a list of shareholders of the Fund, calculation of the current value of the security, distribution and payment of proceeds from the Fund’s assets, performance of internal audit and compliance, communication and processing of supporting documents for depositories in connection with the control of the depository, the issue and redemption of the Fund’s securities, the conclusion and settlement of contracts for the issue or redemption of the Fund’s securities, the preparation of annual accounts, statements, annexes, risk calculations, preparation of annual report, preparation of annual accounts, statements, annexes, risk calculations, preparation of annual report, preparation of documents for the audit of the Fund and cooperation with the auditor.